And you wonder why your economy is in ruin?

Hello, Hello again out there my fellow cyber-junkies.  Tis little ole’ me once more with another little piece of information that is sure to open your minds.  Or just seriously piss you off, whichever happens first.  So, I have been very busy as of late, I’ve been getting some things organized related to my legal name change, Id/passport changes, but namely I’ve been meeting with mentor related to my gender dysphoria situation and she’s been giving me plenty of information and help so I’ve sort of been lost in paper work for awhile and havent had the time I usually do to work on my projects.  Never fear, however, I am still plugging away at the Second Remnants book and I’m shooting for it to be released in September around the anniversary of the first book’s release.

However, on the subject of my book, I recieved some rather disheartening information today from reliable sources.  Yes, I’ve heard it from more than one person, and the people I have heard it from are not known to mislead me.  I found out that Barnes and Noble will only special order my book, and as for Bradley’s Books in the Logan Valley Mall, they wont carry my book at all.  This at first made me very sad, I had poured a lot of time and effort into that book and I’ve been doing my best to promote it within the realms of my abilities.  Even have geen looking some part time work to help pay for more advertising.  So naturally I cried a little.  However, that was a short lived experiance, as my saddness quite quickly turned into rage.

You would think that a tiny piss-hole like Altoona PA would be exstatic that they have a local author trying to promote her work here?  I mean Altoona has NOTHING of its own!  Oh I dont want to hear we have the Rail Roader’s Museum, or that dumb ass ball park, and I really dont want to hear about the Horse shoe Curve either.  I’m not talking about landmarks, or ball teams.  Just about EVERY city has a sports team and some kind of tourist trap, err…I mean land mark.  However, that is the ONLY thing Altoona has!  There is no industry here, the rail road is pretty much dead, we have no factories left any more, and the ones we do have are utter crap, we honestly dont have ANYTHING to offer our own citizens or anyone coming into the city for that matter.

You would think, under these circumstances, that the city would embrace the idea of having a local author who still resides here, trying to promote her work to the local people of the city.  But no, instead they wont even carry the book on their shelves because I’m a local author who is published through a smaller publishing press.  HELLO!?  Your entire city barely even EXISTS on map!  If you have ever told someone you are from Altoona PA, most people dont even frigg’n know where the HELL that is.  Is it not sad that people outside of Pennsylvania don’t even know this place exists?  Hell, some people from WITHIN PA dont know this place exists!  Do you know why they dont?  Because THERE IS NOTHING HERE!!!  Now, I try to give something back to the community, create something that the community can say “hey yeah, we dont have much, but we have an author.”  And they dont even acknowledge me.  Well, I am going to continue to write, of course, I dont just do it because of the money, I do it because I enjoy it.  However, unless there is going to be a higher demand for my work here in Altoona, I refuse to waste any more of my time promoting around here.  As it is obvious that Altoona has little interest in its own citizen’s achievements.  And they wonder why most people dont hang around here once they graduate?

Hate to tell you folks, with the Sandusky drama, its only going to get worse.  I wouldnt be surprised If State College becomes a fucking ghost town and the Altoona campus goes bankrupt over this.  You should embrace the good things you have while you have them.  Cause I sure as hell aint gonna stick around if my own town doesnt appreciate my work.  Hell no, I’ll go somewhere where its actually appreciated and sought after.


~ by shad0wrav3n2014 on August 24, 2012.

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