Giving it your all for nothing…but pride!

Hello again everyone in Cyberspace.  Yes, it’s me again with another little tantalizing tid-bit of tempermental tenacity sure to titilate your tastes.  Yes, I went there. 
But, to start this entry out, I’d like to first make it known that I talk about alot of negative things in my blogs and my journals.  It seems that if I’m not promoting my book, I’m talking about the darker side of things.  Idiotic politicians, corrupt corporate CEOs and our lovely failing American economy.  Either that, or I’m talking down our completely back-ward thinking population or ranting and raving about the sad state of our industry and economy.  Hell, even the tone of my books is dark and morose aside from some rather dry humor and slightly perverse comedic moments. 

Basically, what this all equates to is that I talk alot of shit and vent a bunch of virulent and venemous bile, all the while keeping my tongue and my wit sharp and practice my writing capability while preventing all you wonderful people out there from turning a blind eye to the crap that you are being spoon-fed on a daily basis. 
With all that said, I would like to ask you all a very serious question:  Do any of you all out there even remember the last time anything, I mean truly ANYTHING was ever done well and/or by people who actually ENJOY their jobs?

I’m sure some of my younger audiance can’t even name a single person out there that actually enjoys their job.  Well, aside from me.  I love my job.  But then that’s because I am actually working on a CAREER that I WANT to be in.  Not a dead-end job that I go to on a daily basis that is merely to pay the bills. A patheticly drole and mundane daily routine in which I have no hope of future growth or advancement in.  However, some of you older generations, those my age and up, can YOU remember when people actually did something because they LOVED it?  Do you remember when, people did something, made something, built something from toil, and sweat?  Do you remember when people put their blood and tears into a project, where they gave it their all, and then gave more because they truly, and utterly LOVED what they were doing?  I do.  I remember those days, and I remember those people.  True, industrious, and hard working men and women who put 110% into EVERYTHING they do to create a product or service that the rest of us would use and enjoy for generations.

Well cyber land, I’m happy to say, I got to spend an entire day with such individuals, and I’m quite proud to say, there are still some people out there that are willing to give everything and more for one cause.  People who are willing to push themselves to the breaking point and then push past that to offer something so spectacular, to watch it brings a sense of good old fashioned fucking American pride, joy, and yes, I’ll even go as far as to say EXCITEMENT to your hearts.
I had the privilage, no, I will not use the word “privalage”, for that represents something we are given as restitution for services rendered.  No, I will use a much more suitable and powerful word.  I was given the HONOR, of being part of the AON, All or Nothing wrestling ring crew today in Johnstown. 

No, I was not the referee, nor was I the sexy little number that followed ISP out from back stage.  I had two jobs to do today.  I was set-up/break-down, and I had the honor to do some of the filming back-stage.  Let me tell you folks, I have never seen so much pride and hard work put into one thing by so many different individuals in a long time.  And before I continue, I would like to add that I am NOT a fan of pro wrestling.  So this is NOT being written from the point-of-view of someone who finds professional wrestling to be some form of enjoyable entertainment, a true sport, or even remotely enlightning at all.  So no, I was not PAID, or ASKED to do this as a promotional piece, or is my writting being monitored in any way, shape, or form.  I am NOT being censored or told what to say.  This comes straight from my heart and soul, as everything I have, and shall continue to write does and always will. 

I have no love for wrestling in any way, however, what I do have love for, is seeing people, every days Joes, just like you and I, giving everything they have to create something so amazing, that even me, who has no love for the business, was moved to tears and even filled with pride.  The energy, and the love that these athletes and people put into this show is the same that I put into each piece of writing I scrawl, each creation of art I make, every move, every piece of that ring was constructed with the same hard-working, proud, sweat-ridden and bloody hand that used to man our industries that our government so callously sent over seas.  Having the opportunity, the honor to film how it all went together, and to help one of the hardest working “families”, in the industry was a mind-blowing experiance.

I was proud to call myself an American today, and I am very proud of every person that was part of this experiance and helped it become the sensation that it was.  I met some of the most amazing people and had the pleasure to work along-side truly passionate people.  Again, I am no fan of wrestling, but I will say, that I am now a true fan of AON:  All or Nothing Wrestling.  And it is not because it is “wrestling”, or a “sport”, or that the “athletes” there threw such amazing parties or have such splendorous and lavish homes.  No, it is because the people on the crew; the set-up team, the film crew, promotors, tear-down crew, managers, owners, and yes, the wrestlers too, are the the true spirit of hard-working, family oriented, down-to-earth, industrious, men and women that used to make all the great things we enjoy on a daily basis.  These people are the true heroes of our country.  Those that still give their all for nothing.  Nothing but the pride of seeing everyone else enjoy what THEY have worked long hard hours to create.

I dont know if these hard-working individuals will ever get any true “monetary” restitution for all the labor and strife that they are doing, and to be honest, I dont think many of them really care.  Would they enjoy some money for all the blood, sweat and tears they put into their work?  Oh hell yes!  Everyone wants to get paid for a job well done.  However, I know one thing for certain:  These fine men and women WILL be back on August 25th in State College for their next event.  And I will be right there along with them, helping them every step of the way.  I’d rather work along-side people who still believe true pride and joy comes from hard work and sacrafice, than these corporate-lemming pencil pushing pansy-ass drones that we see being spewed out in droves any day!



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