People and their jobs!

I dont know if i’m old, if i expect too much, or if people are just completely useless anymore but I remember a time when people actually DID THEIR DAMN JOB.  I dunno if any of you out there have ever had this problem or not but for those of you that have, is it not mind-numbingly obnoxious how people no longer seem to know how to do their jobs anymore?  I went to the court house today to ask them questions about some paper work i have related to getting my name legally changed.  I dunno if anyone out there who reads this has ever gone through this process or not, however for those of you who have not and have thought about it you might want to consider some night classes in law because these fucking retards, least in my area, have no fucking clue what the hell they’re even doing.  So i get this packet of paper work with no explaination beyond, “read it, follow the instructions, and turn in what it says you need to turn in.”  Well, that’s fine.  I know how to read and follow instructions; accept when the fucking instructions are in legal code and written so only a god damned lawyer could understand any of it!  So, i walk right the hell back into the office and slam this packet of paper work down on the table and tell them i cant understand two words of this tripe because its written like they copied it right out of a legal book that’s 50 years old!  Not to my surprise, they did!  They turn around and give me this rehearsed automated response of “well, if you cant understand it you’re going to have to hire a lawyer.  Or maybe you should call Mid-Penn.”  Now, there are two problems with this statement.  One, if i had the fucking money to hire a leech to do all my legal shit, i would have already done that and saved myself the fucking head ache of dealing with the damn court house.  And second, what the fuck is Mid-Penn?!  I assume its some legal help line that you can call.  But once more, i was told to hire a lawyer or call them and quickly shooed out of the office.

Does anyone fucking do THEIR OWN jobs anymore?  Has anyone else noticed an increase in the sheer lack of desire the modern work force has for doing anything?  It goes from one extreme to another these days.  Either the company has their employees doing so much work that they need 20 people just to get it all done, or the employees make the customer do all the fucking work while they stand their thumbs up their asses staring at you like you’re the fucking retard because you’re asking questions on how you’re supposed to do THEIR fucking jobs!  When the hell did this all start?  When did the American work force lose so much pride that it no longer does anything but drive the customers and people that come in for help out of their god damned minds by making the customer do the employee’s jobs?  No wonder our economy and our work force is at the bottom of the chart.  Either people are getting paid 20 and 30 dollars an hour to do nothing but sit on their asses while everyone else does all the work, or they’re getting paid minimum wage and only working 8 hours a week while being forced to do everythign by themselves.

Has the collective intellect of our country really dropped this fucking far?  Has the will to do anything be really sapped out of our people this baddly that we cant even help a customer with something so simple?  Or is America as a whole just this fucking lazy?  You know, their was a time when i said i was proud to be an American.  A time when i was proud of my country, all we accomplished as a collective nation and could say that “yes, my government and my people are working toward mine and every citizen’s better interests as a whole.”  Saddly, i cant even say that i have a clue what the fuck our country is doing anymore.  Its sad that while i was in Taiwan i was EMBARASSED to call myself an American.  I was litterally ashamed to admit I came from this country.  I AVOIDED talking about America to the native people of Taiwan because I honestly had nothing good to say about my own country.  Its pretty sad when a woman of my age and intellect leaves her home country to visit another one and I am so ashamed of my native country that i cant even talk about it with another country.  And its even more sad for us as Americans as a whole, when I have to return to my country, i consider hiding out in a foriegn country as an illegal immigrant.  Seriously America?  This is just getting sad now. 

Its bad enough our government is a joke and a fraud and our legal system is so out-dated that our laws haven’t been updated since the dark ages.  But when our economy and work force drops to the point where we’re having our employees make the customers do the employee’s jobs for them and we’re STILL paying these lazy pieces of shit the wages we are.  Seriously?  What the fuck America!?  You really need to rethink your position on ALOT of things!



~ by shad0wrav3n2014 on August 24, 2012.

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