The fall of a nation.

I weep for the state of our world and the people who live with-in it.
I mourn the loss of our dignity and our self respect as a country.
I feel sorrow and saddness at how petty life’s day-to-day affairs have become.

But most of all, i fear for our children.  Our youth whome we leave this terrible mess to.  What on earth are they supposed to do with this cluster fuck we have made for them?  How are they ever to thrive and flourish in this world when we as adults cannot even make it?  I feel sorry for them, i fear for them, and i weep for all the parents out there that cannot make it because the American dream has died.  I cry for you single mothers and fathers who did nothing wrong and have been dealt this harsh blow.  I mourn for you grandparents, who’s golden years will be spent raising grand children because your children cannot provide for their own off-spring. 

But mostly, i weep for all the people, the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the sane, the insane, the tall, the short, the fat, and the thin; those of color or those who’s skin is alabaster as the snow.  I grieve for you all, for you have allowed your country to become this.  You have allowed yourself to be assimilated and you have done nothing to stop your world from becoming controlled and your minds manipulated.  I feel so sorry for all the problems this has and will be created.

I wish i had the power to make things better, to change the world for the better, to give our children the world they so richly deserve.  But alas, I am but a simple writer who can now barely afford to survive herself thanks to the world that was left to her.  My only regred is that i cannot leave a better world for my son who is too young to realize how cruel it truly is out there.  All i can do is try to prepare him for the horrors he is about to face and to steel him for the harshness he shall be force to endure.  I shall do everything in my power to ensure that he is happy, healthy and safe to the best of my ability.  While the rest of you lazy asses sit around and get fatter and your collective IQ’s drop by the second.  I take no pride in my nation anymore, only the positive impressions i make upon it with both my writing and the one i leave behind.



~ by shad0wrav3n2014 on August 24, 2012.

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