A double play in extra innings

Good evening everyone cyber land.  That’s right, its me again, run while you can you weak willed, soft stomached, closed minded hypocrits; its time for some more venemous intellectual snipping from yours truly.

Tonight I am going to do a special two part review about the Spikes/Jammers game this past week-end in State College PA, as well as a review of the AON: Extra Innings show that took place directly after.  For those of you who don’t know, are new to my blog, or are just mentally challenged, I am a member of the AON ring crew, so I tend to travel where-ever the AON show travels, so as it is my nature to inform the world of my opinion because, goddess knows someone needs to educate the failing masses, and keep the few intelligent members informed and what is actually going on around here.

The first part of my review is on the Spikes/Jammers game, which I unfortunately had to sit through ALL OF before I could actually get to work on helping set up for the AON show.  No, I am also not a fan of baseball either, as I’m sure you may have guessed.  When a particular activity claims to be the “American Past-time” and all it involves is throwing a round object at another person who has to try and hit it with a wooden club then run around while trying to avoid being touched by another man, does not do much to improve America’s failing image of itself.  Now I realize that many baseball teams train very hard and make a lucrative career out of hitting a ball with a bat and running around a diamond all day.  Though, how one runs “a-round” a “diamond” is confusing but none-the-less they make good money doing just that and, for the most part, are content to leave everyone else alone.

I find baseball to be another career that is far over-paid but then like many jobs in the athletic department, they require a great deal of skill and physical conditioning in order to achieve any level of aptitude at.  However, I’m not writing this to argue the symantics of sports or why the athletes are paid the rediculous wages they are;  no, I am writing this to give a full review of the game itself.

I suppose to start this off, it would be best to describe the stadium itself in a few words:  The spikes, who were playing a home game, yes I do know some sports terminology, play at Medlar Field at Lubrano Park.  Why the hell this stadium has such a long frigg’n name is beyond me, but that’s its name.  The over-all facility was relatively easy to navigate even with the number of people that were there to see the game, and the staff seemed polite and knowledgable enough though I did not ask them many questions as I could care less about baseball.  The seats and stands where we sat were in good condition and gave ample “elbow” and “leg” room.  The bathrooms were rather sanitary and well maintained as far as public restrooms go, and the feild itself seemed to be in good condition.  Even though I am not a fan of the sport, I do enjoy seeing that any place where some sort of business is conducted is kept up and the people working there are knowledgable about their positions as well as courteous to the customers and patrons.

On the subject of the game:  Since I was forced into watching the game anyway, I decided I’d take notes on how well the park functioned.  After all, the one and only Curve game I ever went to bored me to tears, so I figured I’d see if State College had anything better to offer.  Before I get deep into this review, I would like to note that I do know that the Spikes are only a Single A division of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and that their marching band and cheerleaders are only in highschool, but again, as I have stated countless times in my reviews and various rants before, any job worth doing is worth doing right.  Omitting the AON pre-game entertainment for now as that will be in the latter part of my review where I actually review their performance, the build-up for the game about what I would have come to expect from any baseball game, it was neither better nor worse than any other baseball game.  The cheerleaders for the Spikes were rather plain, I’m not sure if football has all the pretty cheerleaders or if no one wanted to be associated with the Spikes or what was going on there but they didnt seem to be the most attractive young ladies that they could have chosen.  None-the-less, I was indeed happy to see that they had picked a variety of girls rather than the common carbon-copied, cookie-cutter blonde bimbo that seems to be manufactured in droves these days.

However, though it was refreshing to see something other than Barbie dolls jumping around on the turf, I believe the Spikes cheerleaders need to work on their choreography a little more.  I never had the pleasure of being a cheerleader in highschool, I prefered to excercise my brain so I could achieve a career in life, rather than excercise the muscles between my thighs, but I do know that cheerleaders are supposed to be in-step with one another.  These girls’ timing seemed to be slightly off a bit.  Not entirely their fault I’m sure, however its something they need to work with in the future.  However it could have gone far worse; they could have been falling all over each other and breaking limbs.   Then again, some people might have found that more entertaining to each their own though.

The marching band seemed to be having equal difficulty keeping in step with one another, and I was practically waiting for them crash into one another.  From my vantage point, it would have looked very much like the view from a traffic chopper reporting in on a massive pile up on the Manhattan bridge during the 5 0’clock rush hour.  Thankfully for them, they didnt crash into one another.  They do however need to work on their marching as it was obvious they weren’t quite sure what they were doing.  Harmonically, on the other hand, the band sounded very good, and I was happy to hear the national anthem in another key other that “terrible” for a change.

The game itself interested me little, from what I saw the Spikes performed very welll, they defeated the Jammers 5 to 0, and everyone seemed rather happy so that is about as much as I have to say about the game in and of itself.  I could have found something far better to do with my time, however I was on job so I gave Medley Feild my attention between cigarette breaks.  My best advice is to have the cheerleaders and band work on their choreography and routines, keep winning games, and just do everything else you’re already doing.  You wont get my attention any time soon, but you’re doing a good job at whatever it is you’re doing.  For what my opinion is worth on this matter anyway.

Now, on to something that actually had my attention; The AON: Extra Innnings show.  Other than being forced into the boredom of the ensuing baseball game, AON’s performance before, during, and even after the game was quite amusing given what they had to work with.  The pre-game show was quite witty, for as witty as wrestling can be, and I rather enjoyed the banter that Kess and his crew had going back and forth.  During breaks in innings, Black Lightning and Akiba made several amusing performances to keep the crowd’s curiousity peaked and I most definately enjoyed Black Lightning’s contest with Ike as well as his inevitable “Pie-in-the-face” routine with the first base couch.

Medley Field as well did an excellent job with promoting during the game for the AON show, I dont think they could have done much more to hype up the patrons and help AON stoke the flames for what was sure to be an enthusiastic display of athletism.  The ring crew deserve kudos for their speedy set-up and break-down of the ring.  Rumor has it, both were performed in record time, and no, I am not just saying this because I am part of the crew, one person, a successful team, does not make.  As for the show itself, I hear that there were a number of technical difficulties and roster issues.  The most comical of these issues was the random activation of the feild’s sprinkler system and X-man fighting with the ref and subsequent falling out of the ring.  Over all for as short as the show was, it was well worth the time to stop and watch.  However, I found the last match to be rather drawn out and long winded.  I understand that wrestling is as much a performance as it is a feat of skilled athleticism, but the final match, which was also the main even was rather over played for my tastes.

In closing all things considered, AON’s second show, that I have had the privelage to be a part of, may not have topped the first I was at, but for the time that was allotted to them and with the number of problems, which I’m quite sure their were more than my ears were privy to, was another massive success.  It was my pleasure to be a part of it all once more.


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