Another Rant about people and doing their jobs!

Good afternoon everyone and fond hello to all of my favorite people out there who like to listen to be bitch and complain.  That’s right, its time for yet another installment of me keeping you all up to date on what stupdity we all have to drudge through on a daily basis, and me venting my frustration for the sheer impotence of the general populace and lack of higher congnitive thought!


Today we will visit the festering shit hole that is our local Social Security office!  Wont that be just frigg’n fun!?  So, its been awhile since i did one of these because, well, to be honest, things had not been bothering me even half as much as usual.  And i even gave up smoking!  So that is a phenominally impressive streak for me!  However, recently, I have been trying to get my personal paper work adjusted.  I wont get into the details of what or why i’m changing, just that its not just a standard renewal.  So, I have been very reasonably patient up until this point with this ass tards and their lack of organizational skills and the seemingly endless bumbling ass hatery at every turn!


Since I have given up my own personal vehicle due to the sheer retarded level of money it takes to keep a vehicle around here.  Between gas prices always going up, the ungodly high price of insurance, and the scam that monthly inspections and emissions checks are; I felt it would be more economical to use public transportation.  Also more ecologically sound and better for your healthy right?  Less emissions and  you can walk other places right?  YEAH!  Maybe in actual CITIES where the buses run NORMAL hours, but not here in Toon Town PA.  First of all, I live outside the “City” if you can call the toilet known as Altoona an actual city.  So, the buses stop running to out here like 3 to 4 HOURS before the other buses stop running!  So i have till like 4 pm to get ANYTHING accomplished in the actual city.  Which would be fine, if the buses didnt START running right at like 8am.  And they didnt take and HOUR to get to my destination which they dont even drop you at your destination.  Usually you get dropped like a mile and a half a way and you have to WALK the rest of the way anyway.  Isnt public transportation so frigg’n great!?


By the time i’m done spending money on bus fare, and driving all around the frigg’n city, i could have put the same into the gas tank of a car and expelled LESS emissions just by driving STRAIGHT THERE!!  But yeah, right, public transit is SOOO much better and economical!  RIGHT!  So what about a cab then?  You ask me.  It goes straight door to door and yes, its more expensive, but if you had a car, you’d be paying for gas money anyway right?  Sure, that seems legit…if you have no logic sector of your brain or had a frontal labotomy recently, or perhaps you still live in your mom/grandma’s basement!


First of all, around here, catching a cab or a taxi is far different than in any NORMAL city in ANY other part of the world.  Here, you actually have to frigg’n call the agency and have them send you a cab.  THis would be fine and understandable in a smaller city.  Not as large of a need for cabs in a smaller city than in a larger one so it would make sense just to have them all “on call” rather than wasting their gas money driving around aimlessly.  HOWEVER, like all things here in this gutter that they call a city, that would work great if they actually showed up in a reasonable amount of time!  


Instead, you call a cab and you end up sitting and waiting for 45 minutes while they come pick you up.  Which means you could have caught that bus and gotten to your destination by now.  Then, once you get in the cab, you have to pay the same amount of money you would have paid to do a full day’s worth of running around, just to go from one destination to the next!  Why?  Because they “have to combat the rising costs of gas and vehicular maintainence, make sure their drivers are paid, all while maintaining their bottom line.”  Which all translates to, public transportation in Toon Town PA sucks major ass!  If you can borrow a car or get someone to give you a ride that can at least drive half-assed, you’re better off paying them for gas than even bothering with  public transit.  You’ll get their quicker, and ultimately, pay LESS in the long run.


So after I walk my mile and a half to the damn Social Security office, UP HILL!  I go in and use the bathroom cause, goddess forbid that the transit department known as Amtran would actually spend some money on shocks and suspension so the small cup of coffee you drank so you could be awake to catch the damn thing and hour and a half earlier, doesnt get shaken right through your system.  Then i look around for any paperwork that i would have to fill out.  Mind you, before i even came to the office, i looked this shit up online.  Wanted to make sure i had all my paperwork organized before i went in so i could get this done and over with.  Strangely enough their website was actually SOMEWHAT organized.  So i had hoped that meant that they would be too.  I always know when i visit a website that looks like a first year student in a web design class at CLN Altoona put it together, I’m in for a LOOONG day!  Oh, I’m sorry, its YTI now.  Not that the change of name really made them any better of a school.


So, there was no additional paper work and i had EVERYTHING that the website said i would need.  So i take a number and strangely enough I only have to wait maybe 15 – 20 minutes max.  So, i’m thinking,  “wow this might AcTUALLY be a short In-out trip!”  I hand the lady at the window my paper work.  I told her i know you need this this and this so i can get my name changed on my Social card.  Again she SEEMED like she was knowledgable.  Then she mentions that my legal name change paper did not have an OFFICIAL seal from the courthouse.  At this point, i thought, perhaps, the photo copy i had of it was too light and the seal maybe didnt show.  However, she was kind enough to take the thing anyway so i figured maybe, again, this will be a quick In-out job still.


First of all, i knew she was just going to make a fekking copy of the court order anyway, so that wasnt even registering as relevant in my brain anyway.  It was later, when i realized my original copy from the coursts didnt even have a seal on it, that it only became far more relevant.  Whether that was the courthouse’s fault, or she was just incompitent like pretty much ALL government/city workers, is irrelievant at this point.  But i’m getting ahead of myself.  So she takes down all this information and prints it out.  She then hands it back to me for me to look over make sure its correct.  So far, so good…till i get the paper work.  So she changed my name, however there was another item on the page that was still “unchanged” however on my new legal ID it had been changed.  So i’m like wtf are you blind or are you just TRYING to piss me off right now?  When i point it out, she says she cant change it because she needs the paper work to show that it has been legally changed…sooo what you’re telling me is you “dont believe the DMV is telling you the truth?”  


I’ mean seriously!  Do these groups not communicate with each other?  Does the right hand not know what the left hand does?  Or is my number the one that pops up and their like “okay lets see how much we can serioulsy PISS THIS CHICK OFF!  Because we’re so damn bored working our 20 dollar an hour job, which our week-ends and hollidays off, that we dont even have to work full time at and STILL get everything paid for while we make everyone else that comes in her do OUR fucking job, that we are going to randomly pick out individuals and F with them so fekking bad that they want to litterally reach through this window and Slap us repeatedly.  You know if you actualy did your fucking JOB you wouldn’t be so damn BORED!!


So, in the end, i spent money to take a bus half way around Altoona, got up early, and you all know i effing HATE mornings, and WASTED my time to get NOTHING accomplished because supposedly i need ANOTHER paper that i gave to the DMV.  Sad thing is, the paper i gave to the DMV was the DMV’s paper work TO BEGIN WITH!  Did she really think she was going to let me keep it?  And where the hell does she think I’m getting some kind of government seal on name change paperwork?  So, now i have to waste goddess knows how many weeks dicking around with these places to get NEW paper work and i have to make a trip to the courthous which i just blood LOVE!  Mostly because i have more metal on/in my body than most medeaval knights!  “Oh you have rings on?  Take them off~”  “Oh you have a purse with metal buckles and loops on it?  Put it in the machine!”  “Oh you have boots and an underwire in your bra?  Take them off!”  FUCK YOU!  Fuck what’s next?  “Oh you have a metal bar in your leg?  Lets get the magnets out so we can remove it from your leg!”  Idiots!


IF these twat waffles spent HALF their time and money they get from us tax payers on training and equipment to DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS right, a trip to any local or federal government office would be a walk in the park.  I always think its hilariously funny that if they dont do their job we’re supposed to just be all happy with it, but goddess forbid if we dont do something THEY want done!  They will waste MONTHS hounding you especially if they know they’re going to be getting money out of it.  But of fekking jackasses running our government, both local AND federal!  


I made mention to my mother if i have to get a lawyer for this one its going to be amusing.  I’ve always wanted to sue some branch of the government for money damages.  In fact, if i ever have to sue them, i’ll be sure that neither i or my son EVER have to work again in our lives!  Course i’ll still work at my career as a writer, but it will be great to actually send a message to these places that they need to “DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!  NOT EVERYONE IS A BRAINLESS INVERTABRAE THAT WILL JUST PUT UP WITH YOUR SHIT!”

Enjoy your holiday week-end everybody!


~ by shad0wrav3n2014 on May 23, 2013.

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