Preview Remnants Book 3: Of Love and War


Here I Go Again On My Own



     Crystal was dead, and no amount of feeling sorry for myself was going to change that.  Charlie was right; I couldn’t just roll over and die just because sis was gone.  Besides, there was no way in hell Charlie-girl was going to be able to take care of herself without me!  That girl STILL could not shoot straight and she was just learning how to be assertive.  Even then, she still could not get her voice to go above a loud whisper. 

     I often asked myself why I bothered to put up with her.  She was a pain the ass most days, and did not perform well at all under pressure.  When under fire, she usually just kept her head down and cried a lot or hid in small areas where no one could get to her.  Most runner crews would have considered her a burden or a liability; an extra person that they had to keep out of the line of fire and therefore, not worth enough to keep around.

     I on the other hand, felt that Charlie was something much more than just a pain in my ass.  Oh she was a pain in my ass no doubt!  But, she was also a very skilled and talented mechanic.  She kept my POS Sundance running, regardless of how many times it broke down and she really seemed to actually enjoy working on it.  She wasn’t the best cyber-ware technician, considering her own cyber hand was mostly junk she had pieced together, but she could definitely fix non-critical problems with my cyber arm and even my Instinct Link.

     However, more than Charlie-girl’s aptitude with anything mechanical, she had another place, at least in our now very small group of two.  Charlie had become the “heart” of our group; the piece of humanity that we both tried very very hard to cling to as we delved deeper and deeper into the shadows.  Her Charismatic innocence, child-like curiosity, and even her impish mischief making reminded us, well, me at least, of what it was like before the Corps tried to destroy us.  Most of all, it reminded me of what I am fighting for in the first place, beyond the meager few creds I get risking my neck doing everyone else’s dirty work.

     So, for her, if not for myself, I need to continue.  I need to stay alive; I can’t just give up because I’m hurting.  Furthermore, if nothing else at all, I want to know what that bastard Glock left our sister to die!  I want to know what went wrong, what happened that he ran out on her.  If I want that answer though, I’m going to need to twist some wrists and grease some palms, as the saying goes.  However, I’m flat broke, so I need some more work, and I need to get in contact with my Fixxer Chip again; but that’s not going to happen till he knows the heat’s off of him and its safe for him to resurface and start running jobs again. 

     That leaves me but one option, head to the Rat’s Nest, the shitty Ork dive, where we got the job to run with Glock and begin my investigation there.  Being runner ain’t just running, gunning, and killing.  There’s a level of detective work, and this is where I’m not so great.  I have trouble being “subtle” at times, and I tend to point my gun at people that get on my nerves.  I got to try though, if I can get to the bottom of this, maybe I can get to the bottom of what happened to me as well.

     Pulling up to the bar, I could already tell that this was going to be one of the longest nights of my life.  “She who seeks vengeance must dig two graves; one for her enemies, and one for herself!”  Least that’s how the old saying goes, and Charlie-girl tried to remind me of that before I sought out on this endeavor.  
“Hand me my shovel, cause I’m about to start digging a whole fuck-load of graves!”


~ by shad0wrav3n2014 on May 30, 2013.

3 Responses to “Preview Remnants Book 3: Of Love and War”

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  2. As far as narrative goes, I think it’s very good writing. My further interest is in how you write scenes.

    • Thank you for the review. I will be posting snippets regularly for people to read. I find it quite useful to post sections of the book as I am in the process of writing it, as i may love love love it but I am writing of an audience so they need to love love love it as well. Or at least the majority does! lol I’ll be looking forward to hearing more in the future.

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