Facebook Tom-fuckery

It is a sad state of affairs when yet another social media site goes the way of Myspace – but I suppose that is just the ebb and flow of the corporate world. For those not fully aware of what I am referring to recently Facebook made it known that any pages on their site that do not have regular “traffic” or “activity” they are going to be taking down–unless of course you are paying them to advertise for your then they will keep your site up and running.

This is another sad, tired and seriously over played marketing ploy that so many corporate websites and supposed “free” sites fall into to make a dollar and shunt the indie/little guy. With this news I have come to the decision that since I do not agree with this decision I will no longer support Facebook in its rapid spiral downward into Corporate greed – nor its ill-treatment of the Indie art/music/writing community as a whole. I will be no longer be using my Remnants Facebook page and shall be moving all my advertising to Twitter/Tumblr/Google+/Vampire Freaks/Wordpress/etc.

I will of course continue to maintain a personal page that I will post some updates to, but I will no longer be using Facebook as my main means of advertisement because I feel they no longer hold the interest of the artist in mind but rather their bottom line – also why I rarely use Deviant Art for similar reasons as well as their prudish ways.

If you already follow me on one of the following social media sites then you will have no problem keeping up with me or my work; however if you do not you will need to add me or you will be missing out on all the awesome things that are Lilly. A warm thank you for all of my loyal cultists… err I mean fans and I hope you follow me further into madness as I continue to master the dark arts and lead more to the following so we may increase our flock.

Remember, we cant take over the world if you dont do your part to help increase our numbers! So bring yourself and all of your friends to one of these other networks:







~ by shad0wrav3n2014 on January 16, 2014.

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